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Expert accounting services in the Christchurch area

M G Hadfield Ltd's team of experienced professional accountants & auditors provide superior accounting services to Christchurch businesses and individuals every day! We understand that your business is unique, and can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.


M G Hadfield Ltd has payroll solutions that can help ensure that your payroll needs are dealt with in a timely, effective way, every week. M G Hadfield Ltd can help you organise your payroll process, and can help improve productivity and simplify your workplace administration. Payroll is a time-consuming task – let M G Hadfield Ltd help improve your productivity by processing your payroll, leaving you to focus on the most important thing, your business.

BAS & Tax

We can help you prepare your quarterly BAS statements and tax returns. It's essential that your BAS and tax are handled with the finest attention to detail. You should always have the professionals at M G Hadfield Ltd take care it to avoid costly errors.

Call M G Hadfield Ltd today and speak to our experienced accountants & auditors about BAS and tax assistance.

Personalised solutions

At M G Hadfield Ltd, we provide extensive accounting services in Christchurch and tailor accounting solutions on a case by case basis to ensure your unique business requirements are being catered for.

M G Hadfield Ltd can help you find ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in your financial practices and make a positive difference to your bottom line! Saving time and increasing resources will help your company grow and reach its fullest potential.

We're not just about numbers, we're about service and we genuinely care about the financial health of your business. Call us in Christchurch for affordable accounting services.
Two accounting services professionals in Christchurch
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